Use a Horizon Cab In a Fairmont (or other silly things)    October 30, 2002
Well, for those who just can't resist being absurd and putting things where they don't belong, this techdoc explains how cab aliasing works and how to apply custom cabs to other units. Don't say we didn't warn ya...(more)

Upcoming Commuter Equipment   October 29, 2002
Just in case you were wondering about what was in the pipeline, we have a backlog of commuter equipment that we will be releasing over the next several months. Now that the Horizon coaches have been completed, expect to see NJ Transit, Metro North/CDOT and VRE trainsets. As well, the Metra F40s with gallery cars will be making their appearance. Also included in this mix will be CalTrain F40s and their respective coaches. A large part of these projects are 90% complete - it's the last 10% that kills ya...

MBTA F40PH Series Finally Makes It, and...   October 28, 2002
After what seems like an eternity, these units are finally ready to go. And we think it was worth the wait. With some serious skinning and a dedicated cab, they make for a real nice running experience. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that there are Horizons that go with them? Hmmmmm.... more


Updated GE Dash Series Released    September 18, 2002
Work has finally been completed on the second iteration of General Electric's large road freight motors, and this time we've added tons — a few more roads, alternate road numbers and now, custom GE sounds and additional horns. more

Bob Boudoin joins NALW    September 15, 2002
Looks like we suckered another talented individual into our ranks. We would like to welcome Bob "Plainsman" Boudoin to North American Locomotive Works. Bob will be working in the Mechanical Engineering department, assisting with existing and new projects. Bob has already done fine physics work for us with the GE Dash series, and we are glad to have him on board!

Sound Update for Big Boy?    July 4, 2002
As a number of the comments in the forums have shown, there have been questions about the Big Boy's current sound set. Fear not - an updated sound system is nearing completion. We are hard at work on finishing this up, and we'll let you know when it is complete (which shouldn't be too long).

Big Boy Whistle Patch     July 4, 2002
A patch has been issued for the just-released Big Boy, to correct the "silent" whistle. I don't think that even dogs could here it. Just run the .exe file and follow the directions. You can get the patch by visiting the Support page. Thank you.

Union Pacific Big Boy Released    July 4, 2002
For so long, so many MSTS fans have been asking, requesting, pleading for this legendary locomotive. Well, North American Locomotive Works is proud to announce the long-awaited release of the Alco 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy. We are excited to be able to offer it to you at this time,. More...

Amtrack AEEM7 Really, Really Close to Release     May 31, 2002
Is it, you say? Well, this magnificient model, so unbelievably and incredibly soon to be released, will have your MSTS installation begging for mercy. Or at least begging for some sort of medication. Glow in its brilliant colors. Float away in its exquisite detail. Good thing I was drunk when I wrote this. WARNING: not for the weak at heart. More . . .

So What Are We Up To? Well, It's All In The Data      May 30, 2002
As you probably know, we have quite a few projects going on simultaneously. In order to better track each project, we have spent considerable time getting our internal project tracking database implemented...which makes it easier to let you know where we're at. More . . .

Clean Up That Mess! NALW File Purge     May 13, 2002
Our esteemed leader Chuck has gone through all of the current available uploads of NALW and has put the older files within his crosshairs. So what does that mean, you ask. It means we have requested remove all obsolete NALW files from the Train-sim library. What does that mean to me, you then ask. Maybe nothing. Or maybe the activity you just downloaded will not work. More . . .

What? More Contemporary Commuter Equipment?    May 13, 2002
As we seem to do so well with commuter equipment, we are happy to announce that we are working on several commuter train sets. Based on the Metra bilevel coach, we will be producing Metra and CalTrain coaches in the initial planned releases, with VRE and MARC to follow. Metra and CalTrain F40s are expected to be released to complete these sets. There is no release date yet, but keep your eyes open for screenshots . . .

John Fowlis Becomes Member of NALW      May 11, 2002
In the beginning, there was MSTS. Shortly thereafter, there was John Fowlis. If you have been anywhere that has to do with Microsoft Train Simulator, you will probably recognize the name. One of the original MSTS content producers, John has been there from the start, and we are more than happy to welcome him to the NALW family. You can read more about him here.

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