VIA Rail Genesis Released       May 1, 2002
The VIA Rail Genesis has been released. Included in this release is an updated Genesis cab, and a repaint of Kuju's Acela Express cars in the VIA scheme. They may be fake LRCs, but they do the job pretty well. See the Releases page for more information.

Kelley Ellison Joins NALW      April 30, 2002
You light up my life. Or at least my locomotives. Anyway, North American Locomotive Works would like to welcome Kelley Ellison to our fine pool of creative individuals. He is an expert at MSTS lighting, and we think he will make a fine addition to the team. You can read his bio on the Who We Are page. We also hear he's rather bright...

Genesis Sounds Completed and Released       April 29, 2002
The new Genesis sounds make to prime-time! And I still think they sound fantastic. Yes, "Genesis Lawn Mower" sounds be gone! If you are running any NALW Genesis variation, it it highly recommended that you download this upgrade. You can find out more in Releases.

Union Pacific GE Package Released    April 29, 2002
The Union Pacific Dash 8, Dash 9, and AC4400 package has finally been released. You'll be able to find it at and will be available when Nels has it uploaded. You can find more information at the Releases section.

Matt Cyr Joins NALW Team       April 28, 2002
Thanks to HAC, we are happy to welcome Matt Cyr to the North American Locomotive Works team. Hailing from just east of Winnipeg, Canada, Matt has his hands into many aspects of MSTS, from modeling, skinning and has even done route work. His long-standing interest in trains also gives him insight into prototypical operations. This may have to do with the fact that his father works for CP Rail, we figure. We are all very glad to have Matt join us. You can read his bio here...

Union Pacific #844 Production Started       April 28, 2002
Once again, the ever-ambitious Jens-Chris has embarked on his next steam project: Union Pacific's famous Alco #844. Not #8444, as is was named to get out of the way of the diesels in '62. Jens-Chris reports that the model is about 30% done. No physics or lighting have been done yet, and the model will use the Big Boy cab currently being undertaken. As for sounds, well, does anyone want to drive to Cheyenne, Wyoming?

How MSTS Connects A Train with an Activity        April 28, 2002
Nagged by bad consists or want to remove an engine? This not-short-enough piece explains what MSTS goes through to load your consist when launching an activity... More...

UP Big Blow in Final Beta updated       April 28, 2002
The Big Blow has made it into final beta testing, and should be released shortly. We have found updated sounds, and have located the original author. Not much longer. Really.

Big Boy Status      April 28, 2002
For all of you who have so very patient with this model, it is getting closer. The model and sounds are complete. Sam Spade is hard at work on the custom cab, and it is taking a bit of time as a steam cab is uncharted territory for him. We wish him luck, and it's a good thing he has patience...

Metra Cab Car to Supplement Metra F40        April 25, 2002
Tony Baerenz (who happens to be Jens-Chris's father) has produced a cab car that is suitable for Metra service and is quite an excellent model. Our engineers are currently fighting funky physics and sound issues created by MSTS bugs. This will most likely be a separate release from the Metra F40, and it may be a while before this one is released as among other things, there are no lights. Our sources tell us that this is against FRA regulations...

New Genesis Sounds Coming        April 25, 2002

Based on actual recordings by our sound man Matt, our new Genesis sounds are absolutely wonderful and sound quite realistic. This will be a worthwhile upgrade, especially for those who don't like the "Genesis Lawn Mower" sounds...expect this patch within two weeks.

VIA Genesis       April 24, 2002

This repaint of Jens-Chris's P42 has been completed and will be ready to go by the time the updated Genesis sounds are completed. We will probably include VIA LRCs (based on the Kuju Acela cars). Repainting is complete on the pseudo-LRCs in the blue/yellow scheme, and prototypically go quite well with the P42 (or at least as close as we're going to get for now).

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