North American Locomotive Works
GE AC4400, Dash 9-44 and Dash 8-44 (updated)

C&NW, CSX, Conrail, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific

Model Description:
Updated from the already superb GE Road Power Series and with more roads, this set of 18 General Electric Dash 8, Dash 9 and AC4400 locomotives from North American Locomotive Works will give you a nice supply of big power to pull those large trains on your favorite route. Comes complete with custom cabs, high-fidelity lighting, and now with custom sounds. Accurate locomotive physics and realsitic weathering round out the exceptional features of this huge collection.

The GE Dash 8 series was described as a high-power, DC locomotive with a low life cycle cost and was introduced in 1987. By 1990 the 1000th Dash 8 rolled out of the GE plant in Erie, PA. In 1993, the first Dash 9 was delivered to CSX Transportation, and UP received delivery of the first of GE's AC-propelled locomotive, the AC4400 the following year.
   Based on a Cooper Bessemer design, the prime mover in each of these locomotives is a 16 cylinder, four stroke GE7FDL engine. It originally had its start in the once-ubiquitous U25 series, during a time when GE was replacing Alco as the number 2 U.S. locomotive manufactuer. This engine continues to be used to this day, and can be found in all GE locomotive series from the U25 to the AC4400. Improvements over the years have included electronic fuel injection and varying kinds of turbochargers.

Road Numbers
      CNW 8513    CNW 8524   CNW 8532
      CR 6036   CR 6254
      CSX 334   CSX 7494   CSX 7581   CSX 7594   CSX 7324
      NS 8736   NS 8326   NS 9715   NS 9603
      UP 7149   UP 9188   UP 9436   UP 9733

Specifications (from GE Transportation Systems)
    Height 15' 5
    Length 73' 2
    Width 9' 11
    Power 4,400 hp
    Weight 420,000 lbs.
    Max. Speed 75 mph
Dash 9
    Height 15' 4
    Length 73' 8
    Width 10'
    Power 4,400 hp
    Weight 387,000 lbs.
    Max. Speed 65 mph
Dash 8
    Height 15' 4.5
    Length 70' 8
    Width 10' 2.7
    Power 4,000 hp
    Weight 410,000 lbs.
    Max. Speed 65 mph
Prime Mover
    GE7FDL, 16 Cylinder
    HP: 4,000 Dash 8, 4,400 Dash 9/AC4400
    Gross KW/Cylinder: 210
    RPM: 1,050
    Bore (mm): 229
    Stroke (mm): 267
    Stroke/Bore Ratio: 1.17
    Compression Ratio: 12.7
    Liters/Cylinder: 10.95
    BMEP (Kgf/cm2): 22.14

Visual Models and 3d Textures: Jens-Christian Baerenz, NALW
Skins / Repaints: Rory Calhoun, John "Concaddy" Rosh, Phillipe Andre, Kelley Ellison, Kyle Hendrix.
Custom cabs: Graeme "Sam Spade" Cox, NALW
Physics: Modern GE version 4.1 by Bob "Plainsman" Boudoin, NALW; assited by Peter Baker
Lighting: Kelley Ellison, Chuck Schneider, NALW
Physics tuning: Chuck Schneider, NALW
Software Packaging: Chuck Schneider and Michael MacFall, NAL\W
GE-FDL Sounds: Chuck Schneider, based on a concept by 3dTrainStuff
CNW Horn: Michael MacFall, based on sounds provided by Frank Schwalbach, Jr (thanks!)
Sound samples/help contributed by Matt Donnelly, Chase Jorgenson, Rob Easterday of Dokkensound, Jospeh Realmutto and Jason Webb.
Debugging: Kelley Ellison and Michael MacFall
Beta Testers: Tony Baerenz, Graeme Cox, Matt Donnelly, Tim Kent, Harold Clitheroe and Phil Moberg, Michael MacFall, Kurt Kamminer

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.