North American Locomotive Works
MBTA Commuter Pack

EMD F40PH Set with Horizon Coaches and Control Car
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Model Description:
Based on NALW's highly successful Amtrak F40PH, this set of F40s have been custom-designed especially for the MBTA. Affectionately known as "screamers" by those that operate them, these 3 unique units are beautifully painted with both single band and lightning stripe schemes. They also feature recessed ditch lights, windshield grilles (with the wipers behind), day/night cab texture and functioning MBTA overspeed, cab signal and alerter indicators. Lighting for push/pull operation, static and AI consist usage round out the features of this excellent set. Earplugs not included.

The Horizon coaches and control car are the perfect complement to this trio of locomotives. Accurately modeled and detailed, the MBTA Horizons are the first in a series of commuter coach sets to come. A brand-new custom cab and 7 consists round out one of North American Locomotive works' finest packages to date.

The F40 started life as a design for a smaller, lighter cowl unit than the SDP40. It was originally designed with GP40P mechanicals to be used in medium-short distance/moderate passenger service for Amtrak. The MBTA's first purchase from EMD of 13 units (1000-1012) was in 1978, followed by 5 more (1013-1017) in 1980. The next set (F40PH-2C 1050-1075) were also built by EMD during 1987/1988 and featured HEP generators, easing the ears of engineers and passengers alike. The last set of units (F40PHM-2C 1025-1036) were built between 1991 and 1993 by Morrison-Knudsen. MBTA 1050-1075 have undergone full rebuilds in 2002 at Motive Power Industries in Boise, ID, including the addition of cab air conditioning. All units are still in service, with the exception of the 1073, which was scrapped after an accident with an Amtrak train in Back Bay station on December 12, 1990.

Road Numbers:
F40:1009, 1012 (single stripe); 1016 (lightning stripe)
Horizon BTC (Blind Trailer Car): 250, 627, 631, 633, 642
Horizon Control Car: 1610

F40 Specs:
Type: (B-B) 0440
Weight: 260,000 lbs (approx) (118 metric tons)
Horsepower: 3000 (2237kW with HEP generation)
Engine: 645E3, turbocharged
Cylinders: 16
Full Speed RPM :893
Standby Speed RPM: 720
Normal RPM: 410
Low RPM: 260
Main Generator: AR10-D14
Nominal Voltage (DC) 600
Traction Motors: D77, DC, Series Wound
Maximum continuous current:1050 Amperes
Max T/E 225kN - 50000lbs #Est NoHEP
Cont T/E 200kN - 45000lbs #Est HEP
Driving Wheels: Number 4 pair, diameter 40"
Maximum speed: 103
Minimum continuous speed: 16.3

Model and Base Textures: Buzz Benz
MBTA Textures: Michael MacFall
Additional Lighting: Tim Kent, Michael MacFall
Ditch lights by Kelley Elliison
Cab View: Graeme Cox, Michael MacFall
Original F40 sounds and K5LA Horn: Matt Donnelly
Physics, and Sound Tuning: Chuck Schneider
Packaging: Michael MacFall

Model and Base Textures: Buzz Benz
MBTA Textures: Michael MacFall
Cab photography/assembly: Michael MacFall
Lighting: Michael MacFall
Ditch lights by Kelley Ellison
Physics and Sound: Chuck Schneider
Beta Testing: Buzz Benz, Graeme Cox, Michael MacFall
Packaging: Michael MacFall

Special thanks go to Ned and Jay, for without their help the cab would not have been possible.

Original Amtrak F40:

Tim Kent - NALW Additional Textures
Harold Clitheroe (HAC) - NALW Additional Textures
Beta Testers - Tony Baerenz, Jens-Chris Baerenz, Graeme Cox, Matt Donnelly, Tim Kent, Harold Clitheroe and Phil Moberg

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.