NALW News          Updated December 25, 2002

UP Steam Megapak Released   December 25, 2002
Quite a nic e Christmas present for those who were able to get it while our bandwidth lasted. For those that missed it, you'll have to wait for

Berkshire / Kanawa 2-8-4 Released   November 16, 2002
John Fowlis has done it again! With his excellent modeling skills (among other things), and with more than a little help from Rick Grout, North American Locomotive Works is proud to present our Next Big Thing....(more)

Metro-North Bombardier Set Released   November 16, 2002
For some time, quite a number of you have been patiently waiting for the "rest of the story" - coaches for NALW's Metro-North Genesis II units. Well, you can stop holding your breath. They're heeeerrreeee. 4 consists, 4 coaches, 2 cabs, and now available...(more)

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