North American Locomotive Works

Berkshire / Kanawha 2-8-4
Nickel Plate Road

Model Description:
The North American Locomotive Works Nickel Plate Road Berkshire is a S-2 modeled from plans from the Steam Locomotive Cyclopedia Volume 1, published by Kalmbach Publishing. This model represents a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. Even sitting still in a rail yard the locomotive's appearance screams power and capability. This superb model boasts many impressive features, starting with a detail-rich 3D model, with fully animated Baker Valve gear. multiple sound sets (including sounds sampled from S-2 Berkshire 759), multiple consists (including a special NKP consist), and a unique custom cab by the very talented Rick Grout.

Package Extras:
As an NALW first, we have included user-selectable extras accessible through the installer. Select what options you would like to install, and you're ready to run, without having to worry about moving, copying, renaming or editing. If you own the Train Artisan RS11 pack, you can install the included NKP Berkshire coal train consist with a simple click of the mouse. Also included is an installer-selectable choice between a natural sampled whistle from a NPR 700-class locomotive, or a specially-created synthesized whistle.

The Berkshire / Kanawha 2-8-4 class of locomotive heralded in a new era of steam locomotive. These engines were the first of the "super power" locomotives typified by several features the most visible being the 2 axle trailing truck with outside bearings which allowed the locomotive's designers the ability to greatly increase the firebox size. The first Berkshire was built by Lima Locomotive Works in 1925 as an experimental H-10 Mikado, in an effort to improve that types speed, horsepower, and endurance. This first 2-8-4 was tested in the Berkshire Hills on the Boston and Albany Railroad, and after its very successful trials, the railroad bought 45 locomotives and the type became known by the Berkshire name. By the end of the steam era, 610 2-8-4 locomotives had been produced. Of that number, 20 exist today, including 6 Nickel Plate Road S class machines.
The New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad acquired its first 15 Berkshire class locomotives from Lima in 1934. This design, the S class, was the result of much internal study by the railroad and would eventually number 80 individual locomotives, with 75 built by Lima and 15 built by Alco. These locomotives were numbered 700 - 779.

Road Numbers:
763, 765, 777

Berkshire 2-8-4 Specs:
Wheel Arrangement 2-8-4
Driver Size 69" dia.
Length (total) 101'
Weight on Drivers 264,300 lbs
Total Weight 440,800 lbs
Weight With Tender 802,500 lbs
Tractive effort 64,100 lbs

The locomotive was matched with a long haul high capacity tender fitted with 2 three axle buckeye trucks, and a mechanical stoker to feed the over 90 square feet of grate area. The tender had a capacity for 22 tons of coal and 22,000 gallons of water.

Model Builder's Notes:
When Rick Grout first saw my early posts of the Berk, he contacted me and offered his services to make a cab like he had done for his "Aso Boy" locomotive. How could I refuse? Rick's rendition of the Berkshire cab is fantastic and very accurate — John Fowlis

Model and Base Textures: John Fowlis
Lighting: John Fowlis, Rick Grout
Cab View: Rick Grout
Sounds: Harold Clitheroe
Physics, and Sound Tuning: John Fowlis, Harold Clitheroe
Packaging: Michael MacFall

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.