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Bombardier Comet Coach and Control Car Set

Metro-North Railroad
Connecticut Department of Transportation

Model Description:
The Comet coaches and control car are a perfect complement to Jens-Chris's GE P32AC-DMs, and are at home on any suburban MSTS route. Accurately modeled and detailed, the Metro-North Comets are accurately painted to match both the Metro-North scheme and the CDOT scheme, and have control cars for each livery. The model is customized especially for MN/CDOT, as they are the only railroad that ordered single-window Comet control cars in Bombardier's history, and accurately reflect this custom design.

In 1965, the New Jersey DOT ordered a fleet of coaches from Pullman-Standard for their Erie Lackawanna-operated commuter service west of the Hudson River. Pullman continued to build these coaches until 1979, when the last cars for Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) were built. Pullman ceased operations in 1981, after completing a Superliner order for Amtrak and unsuccessful attempts to market their remaining Comet shells.
    Bombardier became the sole manufacturer of the Comet-based coaches, building the cars for various commuter agencies. These included additional coaches for the former EL service (now known as NJ Transit), SEPTA, MBTA and Amtrak. In 1982, NJ Transit offered New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NYMTA) the opportunity to join in an order for additional Comet cars. NYMTA was then in the process of setting up Metro-North, to replace Conrail as the operator of its commuter trains east of the Hudson River. The new cars were needed to replace worn-out Penn Central-era commuter coaches (mostly former NYC and NH long-distance coaches). NYMTA then approached the Connecticut DOT about an order of Comet cars for this purpose, and CDOT agreed.
    In 1986, Metro-North and CDOT received their first delivery of "Bombs" for their suburban commuter services. This was followed by delivery of another order in 1996. CDOT dubbed their cars “Shoreliners,” and specified a red window band, as a gesture to the New Haven Railroad’s history. Currently, they can regularly be seen on the former New York Central Hudson and Harlem divisions, as well as the Danbury and Waterbury branches of the former New Haven Railroad.
    The basic Comet design is still in production today, updated with various technical enhancements since their introduction in 1965. They continue to be manufactured by Bombardier.

Road Numbers:
Bombardier Trailer Car MN: 6155 Washington Irving, 6157 Westchester
Bombardier Trailer Car CDOT: 6213 Candlewood Lake, 6256 Bethel
Bombardier Cab Car MN: 6107 Clearwater
Bombardier Cab Car CDOT: 6203 The Danbury Hatter

Basic Specs:
Length: 25,908 mm
Width 3,200 mm
Max. Speed: 120 km/h
Passenger Capacity:
Cab Car: 99
Trailer Car: 115

Model and Base Textures: Buzz Benz
Metro-North Textures: Michael MacFal
CDOT Textures: Michael MacFall
Cab photography/assembly: Michael MacFall
Lighting: Michael MacFall
Ditch! lights by Kelley Ellison
Physics and Sound: Chuck Schneider
Beta Testing: Phil Moberg, Michael MacFall
Packaging: Michael MacFall

A special thanks goes to Pete Richter, for his assistance in the history of this equipment.

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.