North American Locomotive Works
Cab and Sound Repackage of
Columbus Locomotive Works Alco PA

All 6 New Haven Paint Schemes

Model Description:
Based on Columbus Locomotive Works fine Alco PA, this repackage contains twelve fully-functional Alco PA locomotives in all six of the New Haven Liveries they wore during their career. Features a stylized Alco PA Cabview by Graeme Cox (Sam Spade) and Alco engine sounds by Andy Hockin of Maple Leaf Tracks, customized for this package. These provide more accurate 16 Cylinder Alco Sounds. This package also has custom NH horn sounds and alias files for advanced users who want to use these sounds and cabview on other PA locomotives. Other features include an animated roof fan, working classification lights modified according to NH Operational Procedures, pre-programmed AI lighting (allows headlight to work when the locomotive is under computer control), heads-out view, and realistic physics and train handling revised for the New Haven models and conditions. Employs improved texture rendering and compression methods and space-saving file aliasing for sound/cabview. Includes consist files so you can start using the locomotive(s) of your choice immediately.

The Alco PA is one of American railroading's most recognizable symbols. The PA's story begins during World War II, when the diesel locomotive industry was still relatively young. Alco had been manufacturing diesels since the early 1900s, and was eager to capture some EMDís market share. Unfortunately for Alco, the War Production Board didnít permit Alco to manufacture mainline freight locomotives. After WWII ended, Alco introduced the FA (a four-axle mainline freight unit) in early 1946, and by mid-year Alco unveiled the PA in a public marketing blitz to convince railroads that the look of the PA alone would bring customers to the railroad.
  The campaign sold 248 units, and drew the publicís attention to the PA, making it an instant classic. However, the PAs looks were offset by serious problems in the 244 engine. The PAs frequently broke down due a variety of reasons, and by the 1950s, railroads were pulling their PAs from their priority passenger trains. Some of the PAs were rebuilt by EMD, but a decade later, most of the PAs had been scrapped. Four PA carbodies survive today. Two of these shells are currently under restoration (one to operating condition, and one to be displayed by the Smithsonian Institute), while the other two remain in Mexico.
   The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad came out of World War II with a serious Passenger Motive Power problem for lines east of New Haven. Their earlier Alco DL109s were worn out by war service and Steam Engines were being withdrawn. They turned once again to Alco for Passenger Power and this PA is the result. These units were the companion diesels to the EP5 electrics and were cut on and off passenger runs at New Haven. They lasted in service until after the arrival of the FL9s which threatened to replace both them and the EP5s.

PA Specifications
Locomotive type: Diesel-Electric
Power source: Alco 244 16 cylinder
Power: 2,000 hp
Max. speed: 102 mph (164 km/h)
Gear ratio: 64:19
Alternator (rectified output): AR10
Traction motors: Four model D77 DC, series wound, axle-hung
Max. continuous tractive effort: 33,000 lb (23,586.8 kg)
Wheel configuration: Eight 40-in (15.75 cm), tapered tread in B-B configuration (two sets of two driven axles)
Height: 14 ft. 11 in. (4.7 m)
Weight: 156.1 U.S. tons (141.5 metric tons)
Length: 65 ft. 8 in. (18 m)
Width: 10 ft. 6 in. (3.1 m)

Phil Moberg (New Haven Skins and Historical Research)
Graeme Cox (Alco PA Stylized Cabs)
Chuck Schneider (Engine physics, Sound Customization ñ Model Packaging)
Andy Hockin (Alco 16 cylinder sound system)
Matt Donnelly (Leslie A200 horn sounds)

Beta Testers:
Jens Chris Baerenz
Buzz Benz
Graeme Cox
Harold Clitheroe
Matt Donnelly
Tim Kent
Michael MacFall

Model © 2001 Columbus Locomotive Works. Sounds, skins, cab and repackage © 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved!

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.