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Bombardier Jet Train
Bombardier Demonstrator
VIA Rail Canada

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Model description:
A model of the proposed high-speed non-electrified locomotive from Bombardier, in Bombardier/USDOT and VIA Rail Canada livery. Also includes matching USDOT/VIA Rail trainsets.

Bombardier Jet Train History
A prototype commissioned by the U.S Government for high-speed rail service without the costly infrastructure of electrification, this jet-powered locomotive is based on Bombardier's Acela Express locomotive. Only existing as a prototype, it is configured for use with conventional Amfleet and Horizon equipment for testing at Pueblo, Colorado. As potential candidates for the State of Florida's High Speed Rail Initiative and for the VIA HSR Route, these locomotives would be married to Acela Express-type cars (for use at both high and low platforms) in sets similar to that of the Acela Express trainsets.

Road Numbers
Bombardier/USDOT: 2200, 2202
VIA Rail Canada: 2000, 2002

Model and Base Textures: Adam “Tolaris" Wojcieszyk
Amtrak Textures and Cabview: Mike Apsey
Additional Amtrak Textures: Thomas Cain

Base Cab View: Graeme Cox
Sound: Matt Donnelly, Tom Oliver
Sound engineering: Chuck Schneider
Physics: Chuck Schneider
Assembly and Packaging: Chuck Schneider
Beta Testing: North American Locomotive Works

Some sound samples courtesy of Joseph Realmuto

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© 2003 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.