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GE AMD103/P40 Genesis Release Set 1

Amtrak Phase III Paint Scheme #808 & 831

Model Description:
This high fidelity GE-AMD103/P40dc Amtrak Phase 3 MSTS model is complete with Visually Accurate Textures, including animated roof fans and "Real" GE FDL Sounds along with a Stylized P40 cab. Also Included is a set of high fidelity performance models (Engine Physics). The lighting has been upgraded to include the strobes (P40) and switchable working ditch lights (all). Note: the ditch lights will shine constantly with the head light switch in the high position and they will flash with the head light switch in the dim position.
This Pak/Set is the original release and installs all the common files to be used by later expansion packs in addition to the 808/831 textures.

The P40 - first of the Genesis series. General Electric built these 4000hp locomotives to start replacing the EMD F40s. Designated by GE as model AMD-103 (Amtrak Diesel - 103mph) they were called the Genesis series since they featured many improvements and according to the the builder's plate they are designated Dash 8-40BP. They are commonly referred to as P40. Based (mechanically at least) on the popular Dash8-40B and Dash 8-40BW freight locomotives, these units bring a new face to the Amtrak roster. These Locomotives Numbered 800-843, were built and delivered from April-December 1993. It has been reported that at least some of these units have been upgraded to 4200hp when overhauled. (Depending on the state of Amtrak finances when they are/were overhauled). They were initially delivered in Phase III paint and with "Face Mounted" strobes. The strobes were later deleted when the units repainted to Phase IV. After some initial "Teething" problems with their highly automated controls the "Earthworms" have been highly successfull for Amtrak and beloved by their engine crews for their comfort, ride and pulling power. Altho "Slow to Load", a condition primarily caused by the programming on their Engine Control Computers for emissions reasons, Once rolling they go like the wind. Amtrak motive power dispatchers routinely use a single P4x locomotive in place of two (2) F40s.... And they get much better fuel economy than a single F40 while doing all this. Amtrak accountants have theorized that the fuel savings alone pay for the locomotive in a few years.

P40 Specs:
Net Power 2984kW 4000hp
Max T/E 374.7kN 84250lbs #Est
Cont T/E 253.6kN 57000lbs #Est
Gross Weight 120 metric Tons fully provisioned.
Due to the use of a HEP AC inverter running off the main alternator/generator, the need for constant prime mover speed that the F40 had for HEP frequency control was eliminated. This produces tremendous savings in fuel, noise pollution and atmospheric pollution compared to the F40.

Jens-Chris Baerenz - NALW for the Model and P42 Textures
Michael MacFall - NALW P40dc and P32ac Textures
Graeme Cox - NALW for the Genesis Cab View(s)
Andy Hockin - Maple Leaf Trax for the GE FDL Sounds.
Matt Donnelly - NALW for the K5LA Horn and Amtrak Bell(s)
Chuck Schneider - NALW for the Lighting, Physics, Sound Tuning and Packaging.
Beta Testers - Tony Baerenz, Jens-Chris Baerenz, Graeme Cox, Matt Donnelly, Tim Kent, Harold Clitheroe and Phil Moberg

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.