Genesis Sound System Upgrade
Improved Sound System for all NALW Genesis Packages

Turn up the bass! Turn up the volume! Annoy your neighbors! This complete set of GE P32/40/42 sounds, produced from actual prototype recordings, is sure to make the dog start barking. Masterfully blended with previously available sounds, this upgrade will immerse you in a dynamic, authentic recreation of GE FDL sounds.

Minimum Required: Genesis Pack 1
This will upgrade all current NALW Genesis Packages

Original Prototype Sound Samples by Matt Donnelly - NALW
NALW adjustments and tuning by Chuck Schneider - NALW
Some sounds from Andy Hockin and Joseph Realmutto
P4x sound Engine based on 3D-Trainstuff's SD40 project, adjusted by NALW
P32AC (E) sound engine is based on the APSEL project, adjusted by NALW
Beta Testers - Tony Baerenz, Graeme Cox, Matt Donnelly, Tim Kent, Harold Clitheroe, Michael MacFall and Phil Moberg

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.