North American Locomotive Works EMD F40 Release Set 1
Amtrak Phase III Paint Scheme #306 & 309

Model Description:
This high fidelity EMD Phase 2 Amtrak Phase 3 MSTS model is complete with Visually Accurate Textures, Real F40 "Jet" sounds and a Stylized F40 cab. There are two different high fidelity performance models (Engine Physics) supplied. They are the #309 which has performance simulating supplying HEP and the #306 which simulates Engine performance when the prime mover is not supplying HEP. In practice when double heading these engines on a train Engineers would set the controling unit not to supply HEP in the interests of the Engine Crew's hearing. An F40 at full throat can only be described as "ear piercing".

Any NALW F40 with a (B) appearing after the Engine description in the Consist editor is set up NOT to supply HEP and is suitable for Lead Unit in an MU lashup or MOW/Freight Service. This Set is the original release and installs all the common files to be used by later expansion packs in addition to the 306/309 textures.

The F40 started life as a design for a smaller lighter Cowl Unit than the SDP40. The F40 was originally designed with GP40p-mechanicals to be used in medium-short distance/moderate passenger service. This locomotive became the default Amtrak Diesel Passenger Locomotive after the disappointing performance in-service of the SDP40 and P30CH. According to Andrew Toppan of Motive Power review, EMD's production run was from 1976 through 1989 and was for some approx. 540 units. Besides Amtrak and VIA The F40 has seen service on such disparate entities as the Colorado Ski Train and The Florida Fun Train in addittion to Commuter Railroads such as GO, METRA, MARC, MBTA, NJT and VRE to name just a few.
   The F40 has now been almost completely replaced in Amtrak service by the GE built Genesis series, a victim of the greater fuel efficiency and ease of operation of the modern GE computer controlled Genesis. A few remain in "Protect Service" on the NEC and Empire Corridor. Some have been rebuilt and transferred to other roads including the Trans-Panama RR and some have even been seen leased into line freight service. Most have been stored serviceable at the Amtrak Beech Grove, Il. Shops. awaiting further disposition.

F40 Specs:
Power 2237kW - 3000HP available for Traction w/o HEP or by using sep. HEP gen.
1715kW - 2300HP available For Traction if Supplying HEP
Max T/E 225kN - 50000lbs #Est NoHEP
Cont T/E 200kN - 45000lbs #Est HEP
Available Power for traction is reduced by approx 700HP if supplying HEP to the Train.
Weight is approx. 260,000 lbs or 118 metric tons.
Later or rebuilt units with seperate HEP generator-sets weigh more.
Original gearing was for 100mph/161kph Service.
Some may have been regeared later in life for 110mph/177kph for service on the NEC and Empire Corridor.

Buzz Benz - NALW for the Model and Textures
Kim Benz - NALW(Aux) for taking track Pix and keeping Buzz on Track!
Graeme Cox - NALW for the Cab View
Matt Donnelly - NALW for the original F40 sounds and K5LA Horn
Chuck Schneider - NALW for the Physics, Sound Tuning and Packaging
Tim Kent - NALW Additional Textures
Harold Clitheroe (HAC) - NALW Additional Textures
Beta Testers - Tony Baerenz, Jens-Chris Baerenz, Graeme Cox, Matt Donnelly, Tim Kent, Harold Clitheroe and Phil Moberg

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© 2002 North American Locomotive Works. All rights reserved.